SSH and rsync server (tunnelling)

Lars E. D. Jensen lars at
Wed Aug 18 11:15:17 GMT 2004


Thanks for your previous answers.
Now I'm fighting with setting up ssh tunnelling with rsync

I got a rsync server ( listening on port 873. It's 
configured with a rsync user.
(It works without ssh tunnelling)

On my rsync client I issue this command:

ssh -f -L 2222: linuxuser at sleep 40

Now I'm a tunnelling newbie, but I think it's working something like this:

I'm assigning port 2222 on the client (local computer) to connect to the 
rsync server ( on port 873.
It asks for the linuxusers password. And now I have 40 seconds to issue 
this command:

rsync -auz --delete rsync://rsyncuser@localhost:2222::www 

But this doesn't seem to work.

Maybe some of you can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I also wonder why I need to enter the remote linuxusers password.


Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Lars E. D. Jensen
lars at

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