SSH and rsync server

Lars E. D. Jensen lars at
Tue Aug 17 17:08:12 GMT 2004

Widyono wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 06:15:41PM +0200, Lars E. D. Jensen wrote:
>>The warning tells me that it's not possibel to use ssh?!
>>I do this:
>>rsync -auz --delete --rsh=?ssh -l ssh_username" 
>>rsync_username at /var/www
>>WARNING: --rsh or -e option ignored when connecting to rsync daemon
> Actually the warning (not error) means it's ignoring your redundant
> --rsh option since by default SSH is used (since 2.6.0).  It should still
> work correctly otherwise.
> If you don't want to see the warning, remove your --rsh option.
> Dan W.

Ok, I'm currently using 2.5.5 (debian stable). Does this mean that it's
always using SSH when connecting to a rsync server?

That was not my impression reading through the documentation.

for copying from a remote machine using a remote shell program as the
transport, using rsync server on the remote machine. This is invoked
when the source path contains a :: separator and the --rsh=COMMAND (aka
"-e COMMAND") option is also provided.

And when using ssh with

rsync -auz --delete --rsh=”ssh -l ssh_username" 
rsync_username at /var/www

I would exspect a prompt for password right?

Maybe there's something wrong with the way I'm starting the rsync server 
(I'm using daemon tools):

run script:

exec 2>&1
exec softlimit -d 100000000 tcpserver \
    -x /etc/tcprules/tcp.rsyncd.cdb -v -c 20 -U -H -l 0 -R \ 873 nice -2 /usr/bin/rsync --daemon --no-detach \

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