Mac OS X HFS+ metadata patch, take 2

D Andrew Reynhout reynhout at
Mon Aug 16 04:49:17 GMT 2004


Several months ago, I posted my first pass at a patch to transfer
Mac OS X HFS+ metadata (resource forks and Finder metadata) to
non-HFS+ filesystems (Linux, Solaris, etc).

I finally got a chance to update the patch to reflect suggestions
offered on the list.  Thanks for the ideas, this version should be
a big improvement.

The diff and a binary (and a fuller explanation) can be found at:

The current patch is against rsync-2.6.2.  It still works with the
standard build of rsync on the receiving side, so only the sender
needs to be patched.

For a single HFS+ file, there will be between one and three files
transferred to the destination filesystem:

   - <filename>: The regular file (data fork)
   - ._<filename>: The resource fork of <filename>, iff non-empty.
   - ._<filename>_metadata: Type and Creator and Finder flags
                            for <filename>, iff non-null.

Any suggestions on a naming scheme for the metadata file that
would minimize the risk of collisions?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

reynhout at

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