out of memory in receive_file_entry rsync-2.6.2

James Bagley Jr jabagley at cvs.agilent.com
Tue Aug 10 19:13:57 GMT 2004

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004, Widyono wrote:

> I've rsync'ed 7413719 files successfully (2.6.2 on RH7.2 server, Fermi
> SL3.0.1 client), 680GB.  When I do the top level directory all at
> once, there are several points where it locks up the server for
> minutes at a time (directories with large #'s of files, it seems, and
> I suppose it's an ext3 issue).

Odd.  I must be seeing an rsync on HP-UX issue then.  I'm only transfering
110G and 3276154 files.  But, they are stored on an HP-UX 11.11i server
with a VxFS file system.

> Better ideas?  No.  However, my suggestion would be to run a nightly
> script on the *server* side (if you have access) which counts files,
> and puts tallies in selected higher-level directories.  So,
> e.g. /.filecount would have # of files in /tmp, /usr, /var, etc.
> /usr/local/src/.filecount would have # of files in all its subdirs.
> This prevents you from ssh'ing in and find'ing so many times.
> Depending on how dynamic your disk utilization is, you could just make
> this a weekly or monthly analysis.

That could work out well.  Currently the find processes only take 5-10
minutes total, which is a very small percentage of the window of time I
have to run my rsync's.

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