rsync to Mac OS X question

Craig Barratt cbarratt at
Sat Aug 7 01:49:24 GMT 2004

"Chris Heller" writes:

> I ran into a problem today when I tested the system for the first time.
> I am rsyncing from a remote Linux host using the following options to
> rsync: -avv --rsh="<ssh stuff here>" --exclude-from=<path to exclude
> file> --delete.
> The problem is when the files are moved over to the Mac OS X server
> their owner/group ids change.
> For instance if I copy ~heller/ (uid: 500 gid: 500) to the Mac it
> becomes uid: 504 gid: 504.
> This isn't too big a problem, but it messes up security when I go to
> export the data via NFS.
> >From the rsync man page I was under the impression that -a will preserve
> owner, group permissions.

By default rsync maps uid/gid values by user/group name at each
end of the transfer.  

Use --numeric-ids to just send the uid/gid without mapping.


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