[Bug 1529] 32bit rollover problem rsyncing files greater than 4GB in size

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Wed Aug 4 12:52:19 GMT 2004


------- Additional Comments From lnds at hotmail.com  2004-08-04 05:52 -------
OK, so assuming the fault was with rsync.planetmirror.com I retried this time
using rsync.kernel.org, but seem to have hit another problem:

After taking an eternity the file was downloaded, size was ultimately correct,
upon which it barfed, deleted the tempfile and restarted.  Because the file was
automatically deleted I cannot confirm or deny if it actually had a bad checksum.

chunk[66398] of size 66384 at 4407764832 offset=4407675447
chunk[66399] of size 4729 at 4407831216 offset=4407741831
got file_sum
WARNING: FC3-test1-i386-DVD.iso failed verification -- update discarded (will
try again).
recv_files phase=1
gen mapped FC3-test1-i386-DVD.iso of size 4407835945
generating and sending sums for 0
count=66400 rem=4729 blength=66384 s2length=16 flength=4407835945
chunk[0] offset=0 len=66384 sum1=48387eea
chunk[1] offset=66384 len=66384 sum1=f402c97e

(In reply to comment #6)
> I too saw an error trying to copy that file from planetmirror.com when I have a
> 4GB basis file on the receiving system, but it is the rsync daemon on the
> planetmirror.com server that is going away, so the only way to see what is wrong
> is to ask someone at that site to look in the rsync log and see if there are any
> errors.  I tried a similar copy from two local rsync daemons (one running 2.6.2
> and one running CVS), and neither one exhibited this failure, so it may be some
> kind of a resource problem on the planetmirror server (e.g. perhaps the daemon
> exceeded the ulimit memory limit).

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