--backup requires remote connection?

Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Fri Apr 30 22:01:53 GMT 2004

On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 04:19:35PM -0400, Sean M. Kaiser wrote:
> [skaiser-pbg4:~] localska% /usr/local/bin/rsync --delete --backup
> --backup-dir=/Users/localskaiser/archive -a /Users/localskaiser/source
> /Users/localskaiser/target

This command works fine for me when used as you described.

> stat "/Users/localskaiser/archive/source/a/b/c/newfile.txt" failed: No
> such file or directory

I assume that message is coming from the code set_perms() code that is
trying to change the permissions on the newly-created backup file.  So,
something may have gone wrong during the creation of that backup file.
Check the permissions and such for the backup path (though it's weird
if rsync didn't display some other error before the stat one).

> [skaiser-pbg4:~] localska% /usr/local/bin/rsync --delete --backup
> --backup-dir=/Users/localskaiser/archive -a skaiser at rsync::skaiser/current
> /Users/localskaiser/target

That command uses a different backup dir:  ".../archive/current" rather
than ".../archive/source".


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