delete stuff w/ no --delete

Matt Vorwald matt at
Wed Apr 28 17:21:23 GMT 2004

I'm having some issues syncing my win2k server using cwrsync, to my nw6
server using rsync 2.6.0. The issue I'm having is when I sync back to nw
it deletes recently created files and I'm not using a --delete.  I can
still salvage them and it shows supervisor has deleted them.  What I
have noticed so far is that I think it has something to do with looking
at date created vs looking at date modified, or maybe date accessed. 
I'm having newer files that shouldn't be changed on the receiving nw
side that are being set back to older versions being pushed down from
the win2k server.  I'm fairly fresh at rsync, so don't be afraid to
suggest things that may be obvious to the rest of you.  


Matt Vorwald
Network Engineer
Lumber Specialties

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