[PATCH] --timelimit and --stopat

Brian McEntire brianm at fsg1.nws.noaa.gov
Tue Apr 27 18:57:31 GMT 2004

> Those are really nice new options.

Second that! I think this is an awesome feature!

> >  --stop-at=YY-MM-DD at HH:MM
> >         This option allows you to specify at what time to stop rsync, in
> >         year-month-day at hour:minute numeric format (e.g. 04-12-3l at 23:59).
> Is there any reason to use a nonstandard date/time format like this? The 
> ISO standard of YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm is widely used and is what I'd expect:

The only improvement in my eyes might be if the date specification in the 
time format could be optional like: 
    or even Waynes' format

I see using this feature regularly in rsync processes called in the
evening from cron that stop before people start working the next day.  
Then we can keep the backups to "off hours". The advantage, in my eyes, to
making the date part of the time spec optional is that it would simplify
the logic. With the date optional, I could just tell Rsync to always stop
at 7am. With the date required, the command has to first figure out if it
is after midnight and then set the --stop-at time to <today>@07:00 or

In any case, I really like this feature! Thanks again John for the patch
and Wayne for the mods and including it in the patches directory!!


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