newbie question about using rsync for backups

Ryan Kilgore ryan at
Tue Apr 27 02:42:46 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I'm wanting to make weekly backups of host qin to host elijah. I set a 
crontab to run a script that effectually executes this rsync command:

rsync -ave ssh --exclude-from=excludes.txt --delete / 

host qin is running gentoo linux with rsync version 2.5.6.
host elijah is running debian linux (stable) with rsync version 2.5.7.

the excludes.txt file looks like this:

+ /proc/
- /proc/*
+ /dev/shm/
- /dev/shm/*
+ /tmp/

+ /mnt/
+ /cdrom/

- **/tmp/*

I pieced this together from bits I read in different emails in the list 

Basically, I want to have a fully functional system should host qin 
suffer complete system failure by moving the entire directory structure 
back to a hard drive on qin.

Since I'm new to rsync, can somebody tell me if I'm doing this right? 
I'd hate to find out that I wasn't making proper backups after the 


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