rsync-2.6.1pre-1 hang

Terry kewler at
Mon Apr 26 09:30:22 GMT 2004

> The backtrace you cite looks to be impossible (nested calls to
> send_file_list() can't happen), so I assume that the list 
> is not valid
> for some reason.  I haven't seen such a hang as you 
> describe.  Have you
> delved into this any further?

Well what I did after my last post was recompiling rsync with different optimisation options,
and also with all the optimisations disabled (-O0).
the directory tree that is being synchronised is a so-called gentoo linux's 'portage', consisting
of lots of directories (~14k) and files (~68k), most of which are pretty small (<5k)

whats further interesting, that after todays update of the tree from the upstream server,
all of the sudden i can not reproduce described behaviour anymore...

is it possible that it was something in the tree causing rsync to act so weird ?


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