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Reza Ganjavi singer_guitarist at
Sun Apr 25 07:19:15 GMT 2004

Hello. First, I am sorry to bother you. I found your email through doing a search on sites related to Switzerland and their related sites. I am a musician (guitarist/singer) as well as other things :-) and I have a website: which I'd like to share with you -- it's a personal site, not a commercial one. It offers many topics, some of which you might find interesting. 

My new CD has been released featuring some of the best classical players of the world including Maurice Steger. Please see for details.

Also, I have a mailing list; it is very very inactive and discrete. Your email will not be exposed to anyone. I would like to retain your email on my list - you will not get junk mail - and the mailings are very very infrequent. If you do not like to be a part of it kindly let me know. Again, I apologize for having taken your time. You might find something interesting on Anyway it'd be good to hear from you if you like to drop a line.

Kind Regards,
Reza Ganjavi
Postbox 282, 8035 Zurich, Switzerland


Reza's CD's are distributed worldwide through and are also available at the following shops in Switzerland:

AARAU: Dezibelle
BADEN: Jecklin, Eiermann guitar shop
BASEL: Musik Wyler, Musik Hug
BERN: Krompholz, Jecklin
LUGANO: Alhambra Music
LUZERN: Musik Hug
ST. GALLEN: Musik Hug
ZUG: Gion's Musiglade
ZURICH: Musik Hug, Jecklin, Musighuesli

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