symlink bug still not fixed

Peter Sturdza psturdza at
Fri Apr 23 03:01:29 GMT 2004


I found and reported a bug about a year ago regarding
symbolic links but haven't seen any mention of it
since and it is still present in 2.6.1-pre2.

Just want to make sure it isn't forgotten.

It can be reproduced by synchronizing two directories,
one of which contains a normal file and the other has
a symlink of the same name.  With the archive, update
and backup options set, rsync will always replace the
file with the symlink even when the file is newer (and
it will not save a backup either).  This can lead to
unexpected loss of data.

In other words:
mkdir foo1 foo2
ln -s apples foo1/oranges
touch foo1/apples foo2/apples foo2/oranges
rsync -avub foo1/ foo2/

and voila, the file foo2/oranges is overwritten by the


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