Problem with ownership of non-root files at destination

Jim Salter jim at
Thu Apr 22 18:35:20 GMT 2004

You're using the -a flag, which among other things means rsync will try 
to preserve ownership.  If your PDA is running linux, most likely the 
UID it's using for ownership of the files you're transferring matches 
the UID of your "Lefty" account on your PC.

Jim Salter
JRS Systems

> I'm using rsync to mirror my Sharp SL-5500 Linux PDA
> home directory to my Linux desktop over a
> TCP/IP-on-USB link.
> I'm running the following command as root on the 5500:
> /home/QtPalmtop/bin/rsync -av /home/zaurus \
> I'm running the rsync server out of xinetd. I have
> verified with 'ps' that the server, when it starts, is
> running as root. The files are being received into a
> subdirectory of /root. rsyncd.conf looks like this:
> log format = %h %o %f %l %b
> log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log
> uid = root
> gid = root
> [zaurus]
> path = /root/sync-5500
> comment = Zaurus Backup Directory
> list = yes
> read only = no
> Here's the problem. Files on the zaurus, that have a
> non-root owner or group, show up with a corresponding
> owner or group set to 'lefty', which is the login I
> use for all my normal work. I have no idea why rsync
> is doing that. That account does not exist on the PDA
> and I've tried to find a link to the account in how
> rsync on the desktop is set up but have run out of
> ideas. What I should be looking for?
> -John (Lefty)
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