Problem with ownership of non-root files at destination

John Desmond johnmdesmond at
Thu Apr 22 18:20:48 GMT 2004

I'm using rsync to mirror my Sharp SL-5500 Linux PDA
home directory to my Linux desktop over a
TCP/IP-on-USB link.

I'm running the following command as root on the 5500:

/home/QtPalmtop/bin/rsync -av /home/zaurus \

I'm running the rsync server out of xinetd. I have
verified with 'ps' that the server, when it starts, is
running as root. The files are being received into a
subdirectory of /root. rsyncd.conf looks like this:

log format = %h %o %f %l %b
log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log
uid = root
gid = root

path = /root/sync-5500
comment = Zaurus Backup Directory
list = yes
read only = no

Here's the problem. Files on the zaurus, that have a
non-root owner or group, show up with a corresponding
owner or group set to 'lefty', which is the login I
use for all my normal work. I have no idea why rsync
is doing that. That account does not exist on the PDA
and I've tried to find a link to the account in how
rsync on the desktop is set up but have run out of
ideas. What I should be looking for?
-John (Lefty)

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