[PATCH] time limit

Daemian Mack dmack at tickets.com
Tue Apr 20 12:56:08 GMT 2004

Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:

>>I have written a patch for rsync-2.6.1pre-2 which adds a --time-limit=T
>>option.  When this option is used rsync will stop after T minutes
>>and exit.  I think this option is useful when rsyncing a large amount
> Okay, nice thing. What about
> $ echo "killall rsync" | at midnight
> Of couse, you can make that a bit more flexible if you've got several
> concurrent rsync running (by using their PID and checking it before
> killing it to actually be a rsync instance)...

That's more or less the "ugly hack" referred to previously.  It does 
work as expected, but personally, I'd rather there were a native rsync 
method of achieving this.  Less kludgy.


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