How to:- copy only files less / greater than X size / date?

Warren Welch wwlists at
Mon Apr 19 10:53:32 GMT 2004

Hi there,

I think the subject pretty much says it all...  Is this possible?

I've got a couple of sites, where it would be very useful to only rsync 
files from the source if they are newer than a certain date, and similarly 
it would also be useful to only rsync certain files if they where less than 
a certain size...

Is this possible?  I've hunted around, and I did find an old posting 
pointing to an old option which doesn't appear to exist anymore.

While I'm at it...
Is it possible to do something like:-

rsync source/ current/ diff/

where source is the source location, the current is the current set of 
files on the destination, and the diff, is where the differences of the 
files that would be placed in current end up...  (ie: instead of putting 
them in current from the source, they're placed in diff)

Is it possible?


wwelch at

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