rsync 2.6.1pre-2 is now available

Wayne Davison wayned at
Sun Apr 18 06:36:23 GMT 2004

Since the rsync-announce list is taking a while to get around to posting
my official announcement, I thought I'd go ahead and mention this on the
regular rsync list:  rsync 2.6.1pre-2 is now available for testing.  I'm
hoping that this will be the final pre-release before the final 2.6.1,
so please do give it a try and let me know if you encounter any problems.

For those that tested 2.6.1pre-1, note that the --devices option is not
compatible between pre-2 and pre-1 (device-copying was broken in pre-1).
If you need to use --devices, be sure you're either talking with another
pre-2 release OR an older, released version of rsync.

Changes since pre-1:

 - Fixed a crash bug using -H on a file-set without hard-linked files.

 - The "hosts allow" option for a daemon-over-remote-shell process now
   has improved support for IPv6 addresses and a fix for systems that
   have a length field in their socket structs.

 - The device numbers sent when using --devices are now sent as separate
   major/minor values with 32-bit accuracy (protocol 28).  Previously,
   the copied devices were sent as a single 32-bit number.  This will
   make inter-operation of 64-bit binaries more compatible with their
   32-bit brethren.  (Note that optimizations in the binary protocol
   often sends the device data using fewer bytes than before, even
   though more precision is now available.)  This also fixed a bug in
   the sending of device numbers that was present in pre-1.

 - Path-specifying options to a daemon should now work the same with
   or without chroot turned on.  Previously, such a option (such as
   --link-dest) would get its absolute path munged into a relative one
   if chroot was not on, making that setting fairly useless.  Rsync now
   transforms the path into one that is based on the module's base dir
   when chroot is not enabled.

 - The reading of .cvsignore files now properly word-splits the names,
   just like CVS does.  The names also get no +/- prefix processing
   (which was another potential source of incompatibility).

 - Fixed the ability to request an empty backup suffix when sending
   files to an rsync daemon.

 - Fixed a compatibility problem interacting with older rsync versions
   that might send us an empty --suffix value without telling us that
   --backup-dir was specified.

 - Added a new patch to the patches dir:  perdir-exclude-from.diff .


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