./configure --disable-ipv6 hangs

Alain Fauconnet alain at ait.ac.th
Fri Apr 16 08:36:42 GMT 2004


I think that I've spotted a bug in Rsync's configure  script:  if  one
uses --disable-ipv6, configure would hang forever at step:

checking whether defines needed by getaddrinfo exist...

What  happens  is that when this option is used, $EGREP is not defined
in  the  script. Then this particular test invokes ... | $EGREP "yes".
This  actually runs the Unix "yes" command because $EGREP evaluates as

Since the "yes" command never exits, it just stays there forever.

Fix:  move  the logic that detects the "egrep" command out of the part
that handles the enable/disable IPv6 option.


PS: reply to me directly if needed, I'm not a member of this list.

Alain Fauconnet
IT Security Specialist & CISO -- ITServ
Asian Institute of Technology

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