Rsync hangs with XP machine used as sshd server

Jim Salter jim at
Thu Apr 15 15:48:55 GMT 2004

Try cwrsync at and see if you have better 
luck.  Older cygwin DLLs had some network issues that rsync exposed, but 
in my experience installing cwrsync will fix the problem entirely.

Jim Salter
JRS Systems

> I have a problem with rsync 2.6 protocol 27 (both client and server) 
> running over XP via Cygwin and sshd (on remote machine). It just hangs 
> almost randomly  while transfering files after transfering a few 
> megabytes, not always on the same file. When the remote machine is a 
> Linux server I have no problems, bad news is I need also to rsync from 
> XP...  I found the problem mentioned somewhere else doing a google 
> serach, see for instance:
> Which seems to be exactly the same issue, see the link for more info 
> about the situation. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a solution so 
> far on the web. I was hoping that somebody here knows a way around this 
> problem (other than dropping XP :-)
> Thanks

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