Rsync hangs with XP machine used as sshd server

Agostino Russo arusso at
Thu Apr 15 15:43:42 GMT 2004

I have a problem with rsync 2.6 protocol 27 (both client and server) 
running over XP via Cygwin and sshd (on remote machine). It just hangs 
almost randomly  while transfering files after transfering a few 
megabytes, not always on the same file. When the remote machine is a 
Linux server I have no problems, bad news is I need also to rsync from 
XP...  I found the problem mentioned somewhere else doing a google 
serach, see for instance:

Which seems to be exactly the same issue, see the link for more info 
about the situation. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a solution so 
far on the web. I was hoping that somebody here knows a way around this 
problem (other than dropping XP :-)


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