source dependend path in rsyncd?

Tim Conway conway at
Wed Apr 14 18:47:09 GMT 2004

If there were an option to do that, it would be in the man page, don't you 
think?  The solution is to write the modification yourself, or to take the 
reasonable path and use different module names for each host.  If the 
issue is that you want to use a single script on multiple hosts, make 
modules in the form [fool-hostname] with paths to /some/path/foo-hostname, 
and have your script send it to rsync-server::foo-`uname -n`.  You may 
also want to use the "hosts allow" option per module to prevent the wrong 
server from somehow getting into a module.

Tim Conway
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can I make one rsync url available to several
machines, but on the rsync server, direct
that url to different directories?

for example allow all hosts to access /foo
but direct host a to /some/path/foo-a/,
host b to /other/path/to/foo-b/
and so on?



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