rsync is slowing down

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Fri Apr 9 04:22:39 GMT 2004

I wrote a tool to get around a similar problem.  In my case, I had to bail 
on rsync altogether... the hardware was just too unreliable and limited in 
I've BCCd the current custodian of that tool, who was at least at one time 
a member of this list.  If my old company has no objection to the sharing 
if my IP and he gets a moment to come up for air amid his drowning in both 
his and my work, maybe he can post it.  If you're going to drive rsync 
with it, you'll need some mods, as currently, it uses packetized tar.... 
heck, you'll need mods anyway, as it's got a lot of bug workarounds to get 
along with the incompetent Maxtor NAS devices, and the code is so ugly, 
you may have to rewrite it anyway just to avoid hurting your eyes.

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Re: rsync is slowing down

On Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 12:23:59PM -0800, Wayne Davison wrote:

| You can implement such optimizations on top of rsync using either
| excludes or the --files-from option.  For instance, if the sending
| side maintained an exclude file of old directories that didn't need
| to be transferred, you could write a script that would look for
| updated items and remove the appropriate exclusion.  An exclude list
| would have to be grabbed first from the remote side before it could
| be used, though.

How would the sending side know what directories are "old" for a
given receiver?  One receiving side may run their update today for
an old directory that had one file changed.  But another receiving
side may not run its update for a few more days or even weeks.

This sounds like the sending side needs to keep track of what each
different receiver has or doesn't have.  That's what I used to do
before rsync.

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