rsync is great

Eric Ortega eto at
Thu Apr 8 07:20:44 GMT 2004

I'm not on the list but I just wanted to throw my positive feedback out
there.  I've been using rsync to backup work that I generate within a
lab to an offsite system.  If I lost this data ...

So great.

In standard community fashion, though, I want to throw an idea out
there.  It would be nice if there were an option like:


Currently I run a cron job which copies files offsite nightly.  Once a
month, though, I use the --delete option to get rid of cruft.

It would be _nice_, though, if I could delete things that were older
than a month instead of a simple comparison between what's on the sender
and the receiver.

This way files would have a known age of 30 days or whatever before they
get tossed.  As it is, the interval I can regress to has to do with the 
time of the month, which is just too close to real life ...

If there is a better way to submit suggestions I will do so upon hearing
about it.  

Thanks for rsync.  I use it every day.

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