rsync from solaris to cygwin on xp, certain files always copied

Kelly Felkins kellyfelkins2003 at
Wed Apr 7 23:25:15 GMT 2004

I'm rsyncing a directory on a linux box to a win xp pro with cygwin. Some of the
files are always copied, or so it appears by the progress report and the fact
that a dot version of the file is created and grows to the full size before
completion.  Note, the source file is not changing - it is a static file sitting
in a directory and is not modified. Nor is the corresponding file in the target
directory. The files that are always copied are relatively large - one of them
is 1.8 GB. 

1) How can I tell if the file is being copied? Is there a way to ask rsync to
say "file x copied".
2) How can I diagnose why these few files are being copied, and not others?

This is my latest command line:
rsync -ae ssh --modify-window=5 --progress --delete --relative --exclude
'.snapshot' sunbox:/home/kfelkins /backups

As you can see, I've tried the modify-window option. I'm also using archive.

Rsync is a great tool. Thanks for your help.


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