bug (filelist) for platforms solaris and darwin (macosx) and *not* linuxi386

Dirk Pape pape at inf.fu-berlin.de
Sun Sep 28 21:19:45 EST 2003

I have found a nasty bug when a file, which is in some of many sources, 
shall be copied to a target.

The linux-Version works well but rsync 2.5.{2|5|6} under solaris9 (gcc 
2.95.3) and darwin (gcc 3.1) do not. The decision which file (out of which 
src) shall be copied depends on the number of src dirs given on the command 

This bug bytes us very hard, because we decided to rely on rsync to build 
local directories by "overlaying" different directories from a server and 
need to be sure to have a consistent semantics in what version of the file 
appears in the local directory.

I stripped our sitation down to a (yet fairly complex) test archive, so you 
can reproduce the situation.

Here is the script, which is also in the archive:

$rsyncpath -av --delete  dir1/ dir2/ merged12
$rsyncpath -av --delete  dir1/ dir2/ dir3/ merged123
# as dir3 only consists of an empty dir "subdir" we expect
# that merged12 and merged123 have identical files in them
# but merged*/subdir/s0/LOOKATTHIS differ as they come from different 
diff -c merged*/subdir/s0/LOOKATTHIS
# this has been reproduced for rsync Version 2.5.2, 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 under
# solaris9 (gcc 2.95.3) and darwin (gcc 3.1)
# this bug *cannot* be reproduced under linuxi386 (gcc 2.95.4)
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