Logging updated files?

Max Kipness mkipness at geniant.com
Sat Sep 27 00:29:36 EST 2003

> > What I'd like, is to be able to get a listing of all files that 
> > changed on the local side and that were updated to the 
> remote side via 
> > rsync. The literal data info tells me how many bytes were 
> transferred 
> > total, but I'd like to get the break down per file, or at the least 
> > just get a listing of the files rsync saw as different and 
> therefore 
> > updated.
> > 
> > I've played with --progress and --stats and not really 
> found the info. 
> > The --progress option seems to show every file in the root 
> regardless 
> > of whether it's actually different or not. The closest I've 
> gotten is 
> > with the --log-format %f%l%b option which tells filename, 
> file length, 
> > and bytes transferred. The problem with this is that there 
> is always 
> > at least 40 bytes transferred for every file, so I'm not sure how I 
> > could tell if there is a very slight change in the file.
> -v with or without --progress is only supposed to show the 
> files being transferred.  Unchanged files do not appear in 
> the list unless you use more --verbose and even then the get 
> additional labelling.  A single -v without --progress should 
> meet your minimum requirement.  If it is listing every file 
> you may be having a lot of false positives and want to review 
> the options you are using.

Now that I look at some of the different rsync implementations I'm
doing, I notice that linux to linux rsyncs are logging only changed
files being transferred as you state above. However, my linux to samba
(local mount to W2K), are the ones that seem to be logging everything
regardless of change. The only difference in options is that the linux
to samba is not using the --archive switch because of change of owner

Should the rsync to samba being performing this way?


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