Anyone tried windows binaries from

Piotr Krukowiecki piotr at
Fri Sep 26 01:30:12 EST 2003

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Jim Salter wrote:

> I'm not entirely sure what that site's reason for existence is.  It says it
> requires cygwin, and cygwin already comes pre-packaged with rsync, so ...?

I wasn't aware that cygwin have rsync, that makes things much easier :)

> all (knock on wood) although the combo of rsync and OpenSSH does seem to be
> far more of a CPU hog under cygwin than under a real *nix OS.

I plan of using only server mode so that should not bother me.

Thanks for help :)

Mors Drosophilis melanogastribus!

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