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Jim Salter jsalter at
Fri Sep 26 01:14:28 EST 2003

A couple of ideas about things that would be nice to see in rsync:

1. a "0.5v" option - something that would just show a progress either by file or by megabyte, ie "processing file 1,048 of 9,032" or "processing: 832 of 3,459 MB".  The standard "verbose" is good for troubleshooting, but it's not very useful for gauging how much has been done and how much is left when you're just waiting impatiently for a job to complete.

2. I don't even know if this is feasible, but it would be GREAT - some way to query a running rsync process to get a single line output similar to that described above, for use e.g. in building web interfaces to automated backups, so that a CGI-driven interface could auto-refresh itself every few seconds by querying the running rsync for its status.

If I had any C++ skills, I'd be trying to do the above myself.

Jim Salter
JRS Systems

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