rsync error code 12

Edward King edk at
Thu Sep 25 01:58:44 EST 2003

rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 1 bytes: phase "unknown": Connection timed out
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(515)

Any idea regarding this error?  We sync a number of machines, and one consistently has this error every night.  If I exclude the file that the error occurs on, it will go past and fail on another file.  One large file it failed on over and over.

The connection is over a vpn, but we always can get through and are using bwlimit to throttle down to 15k.  Disk space is good on both sides, running as root (uid 0 on the server side), versions 2.5.6 protocol 26 on both sides.  Rsync will hang, pings still go through and we can still ssh into the sending server.  Both servers are running Linux.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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