globbing doesn't work locally

Rob McMillin rlm at
Wed Sep 17 04:06:41 EST 2003

You wrote:

>On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 03:37:21PM -0700, Rob McMillin wrote:
>> This is on rsync v2.4.5 on RedHat 7.3.
>> If I do something like
>>   rsync ... 'somehost:/path/to/files.*' /local/path
>> it works fine, but if I do
>>   rsync ... '/local/path/to/files.*' somehost:/path/to
>> globbing fails, yielding an error about being unable to find a file
>> named 'files.*':
>>   link_stat /local/path/to/files.* : No such file or directory
>>   rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(578)
>> This strikes me as Not A Good Thing, i.e., file globbing should work
>> even inside literals.
>Globbing of command-line arguments is the responsibility of the shell.

You miss my point.  Globbing is asymmetric from the user's point of
view.  It's provided for remote servers but not local ones.  This
qualifies as a Surprise.

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