error from rsync2.5.6

Dave Barstow dbrsync at
Mon Sep 15 17:59:24 EST 2003


I recall getting some error like this when I setup rsync on Solaris 9. I'd
recommed the following:

1. Check the rsync version is the same at both ends.
2. Use option  --rsync-path to tell rsync where its friend keeps the binary.
3. Check your runtime library path with crle command at both ends. I suspect
/usr/local/lib should be there.

I have problems compiling both samba and rsync under solaris 9. configure (Make)
can't seem to work out where popt.h is and I'm not sure if ln -s
or ln -s popt/popt.h is correct for rsync.


Jennifer Lu wrote:

> Hi,
> I just compiled new release 2.5.6 rsync in solaris5.9 machines,
> and ran a rsync job,I got the following errors:
> rsync error: unexplained error (code 255) at main.c(620)
> Both source and destination servers are running 5.9, can you please
> tell me should I update anything in main.c file?
> Thanks,
> Jennifer
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