No such file or directory - error

Dallas Wright gadall at
Wed Sep 10 13:56:50 EST 2003

Hi I've got rsync setup to replicate DNS for an irc network I help run.

I'm the primary DNS, so I use the rsync client to connect to a friend running another DNS server, and he has the rsync daemon setup.

the conf is as follows
log file = /root/rsync.log
   path = /etc/tinydns/root/
   use chroot = no
   max connections = 2
   read only = false
   list = false
   uid = root
   gid = wheel
   auth users = dnssynch
   secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets
   strict modes = true
   hosts allow = * 
   transfer logging = true 

permissions on the target directory are 

drwxrwsr-x   3 root  wheel   512 Sep 10 00:42 root

when I issue the command 

/usr/local/bin/rsync -az --password-file=.secrets data.cdb dnssynch at

it returns me to the system prompt with no errors or warnings.
However on the target machine, the log file shows the following messages

2003/09/10 00:09:27 [14643] rsync to tinydns/etc/tinydns/root/data.cdb from dnssynch at (
2003/09/10 00:09:28 [14643] mkstemp /etc/tinydns/root/.data.cdb.O5iagc failed: No such file or directory
2003/09/10 00:09:28 [14646] wrote 73 bytes  read 1000 bytes  total size 4169

Any help in figuring out what's gone wrong here would be greatly appreciated.


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