Looking for atime reset...

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Wed Sep 10 13:06:45 EST 2003

On  9 Sep 2003 "Saylor, Ted" <ted.saylor at boeing.com> wrote:

> I find rsync an excellent tool when I need to move multi-gigabyte
> filesystems, because I can do most of the copying during the week -
> then a quick cleanup sweep in our 4 hour outage window.
> I do need to somehow get the atime's to copy over, because as it
> stands now I loose the age information (which we will soon be using
> for auto-archiving) on things I copy with rsync.
> Would it be that hard to enhance rsync to copy the atime along with
> the current mtime info?
> Does anyone have a speedy script, perl, or C program to "cleanup" the
> atime after the final rsync is done?

You don't say what operating system or filesystem you're using, but on
Linux there is no standard way to change the atimes of a file, so
there is nothing rsync can do about it.

If you persuade your friendly neighbourhood kernel hacker / vendor to
add an operation to do this then I suppose rsync could support it.


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