Add a feature : disk and partition cloning

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Sep 9 13:35:14 EST 2003

On  2 Sep 2003 "" < at> wrote:

> Bonjour,
> Today, I use rsync  for updating some 40 Debian/Linux box, rsync is
> great.
> So, now, I'll need to update a whole disk or partition (NTFS) with an
> image or an other disk or part. (case multiboot system), 
> can'I hope rsync do this task in some day ?

I agree that it would be a cool feature.

It's unlikely that the existing codebase would be extended for it, but
something like rdiff might support it eventually.

In the meantime, just dd across ssh.

> rsync algorithm would be great for this task, isn't-it ?

Not directly; the basic rsync algorithm cannot update in place.  You
might adapt it to do so though.

> I'don't mind how amount of works this feature need, 
> but some folks are interresting in ?

You don't mind how much work other people do for you?  How gracious.

Or were you volunteering to write it?  If so, adding in-place updates
to rdiff would be a good place to start.


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