continuing broken pipe problems

Jim Salter jsalter at
Mon Sep 8 14:12:03 EST 2003

> Something is closing the session between the client and
> server.  The last time this was happening it was a firewall.
> This could also be caused by an error in the TCP protocol
> stack.
> > ... but I got suspicious and changed out the NIC on the client machine.
> Are you saying that fixed it?  A bad NIC should be producing
> tons of messages from the TCP stack.

Yup, that fixed it.  As far as I can tell, the NIC didn't have any problems
unless you tried to saturate the hell out of it for a long period of time,
at which point it would progressively reset the connections more and more

It was a 3C905-TXM, and I replaced with a different 3C905-TXM (although one
with a different chipset, oddly enough - Lucent, where the first was
Broadcom, although they both detect as xl0), and since then no errors

Again, thanks for the help though.


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