Tim recommended you

Dave Bridger mrbridger at indiatimes.com
Sun Sep 7 21:30:51 EST 2003

Hi, I got your name from Tim on the secret Bulkersclub site,
he said you're a bigtime mailer, and I'd be willing to let you into
the Pinacle affiliate program.  We have three open slots right now
for high-volume mailers.  My biggest mailer is making $12,000 a week. 
Pinacle is a male enhancement pill that is selling like wildfire.  Shoot
me an email and I'll send you all the specifics on the
program.  Make sure to contact me within 24 hours because
I expect to fill these slots by tomorrow.  Thanks --Dave Bridger

Dave Bridger
MrBridger at indiatimes.com
(401) 954-9309
AIM: BridgerDave

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