BugReport: file/directory warning ambiguous

Scott R. Godin nospam at webdragon.net
Sun Sep 7 15:23:45 EST 2003

jw schultz wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 06, 2003 at 11:49:31PM -0400, Scott R. Godin wrote:
>> rsync -aczuv --rsh=ssh /var/www/html/ $USER@$HOST:/data/web/$USER/html
>> --exclude='**usage/' --exclude='**phpMyAdmin/'
>> --exclude='**thumbnails/' --exclude='**mrtg/' --exclude='**icon'
>> --exclude='template.htm' --delete
>> $USER@$HOST's password:
>> building file list ... done
>> failed to set permissions on . : Operation not permitted
>> mr/
>> mr/index.htm
>> perl.htm
>> failed to set permissions on . : Operation not permitted
>> wrote 7426 bytes  read 238 bytes  1021.87 bytes/sec
>> total size is 4728911  speedup is 617.03
>> rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(620)
>> It would be MUCH better if the warning would indicate where the error was
>> LOCAL or REMOTE and WHICH specific thing it had problems with. "." is
>> VERY ambigious in this case since we're dealing with multiple directories
>> both local and remote. Otherwise, everything gets uploaded properly
>> contrary to the error message at the end.
> I'll ignore for the moment the invalid portions of your
> command line.

not invalid. just 'laundered' of their original content with some obvious
mnemonics of what was there before I took out the damning evidence. :)
> There is nothing ambiguous about the warning.  Since no
> writing is done to the source permissions setting could only
> be done to the destination.  All paths given are relative to
> the base-dir so "." is the base dir.
well, the permissions have not changed on either directory. since I own the
remote directory there should be no ambiguity about changing its permissions
the permissions actually required changing!) I'm also curious as to why the
problem is reported twice and not once. 

The error message is completely inaccurate since all files WERE transferred
in full.

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