rsync and smbfs

Jiann-Ming Su jsu2 at
Fri Oct 31 17:36:27 EST 2003

I'm trying to configure rsync snapshots as described at  I'm 
essentially using the following commands:

mv backup.3 backup.tmp
mv backup.2 backup.3
mv backup.1 backup.2
mv backup.0 backup.1
mv backup.tmp backup.0
cp -al backup.1 backup.0
rsync -a --delete source_directory/ backup.0/

I'm trying to backup two directories in a Windows 2000 share onto a RH9 linux 
computer.  The problem I appear to be having is rsync copying file that 
already exist and haven't changed since the previous rsync backup process.  
Why would rsync believe the file has changed?  Thanks for any tips and 

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