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Tue Oct 28 14:29:20 EST 2003

Tom Holton wrote:
> Hi, thanks for the reply. I apologize for not having a clearer question.
> I did know that EAI_MAX was in lib/addrinfo.h
> I have been able to produce an executable by simply copying 4 lines from
> lib/addrinfo.h into lib/getaddrinfo.c
> #define EAI_BADHINTS    12
> #define EAI_PROTOCOL    13
> #define EAI_MAX         14
> but I am guessing that this is not the preferred solution.

> I am assuming linux compilers or gcc do not get this problem, so
> I thought it might by important to have a correction for this on oSF.

OSF1 on ALPHA is one of the previous names for what is now Tru64 UNIX, 
so what you are running is very old.  It was named DIGITAL UNIX for 
several years before Compaq and Digital merged.  Compaq changed the name 
to Tru64.  I have not tracked the timeline for it closely, but the last 
time it was called OSF1 has got to have been about 5 years ago or 
longer.  Ancient time in computer versions.

It probably predates the getaddrinfo() call.

If your version of DEC C is the same age as your OS, it is probably also 
ancient.  Newer versions have better optimizers, error diagnostics and 
compliance with the C standards.

If this qualified for a non-commercial hobby/educational license, you 
can upgrade to the current version for $99.00.

Other than than occasionally doing battle with a LINUX or other UNIX 
systems, I do not know much about UNIX and rely on the expertise of others.

I am trying to get rsync running on OpenVMS.  On OpenVMS, the hobbyist 
license is free, and it includes the license for the DEC C compiler, 
code profilers, and other develoment tools.

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