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Sat Oct 25 19:42:06 EST 2003

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 03:25:26PM -0400, Paonia Ezrine wrote:
> Can this be done with rsync?
> I have two machines, (a) and (b).
> (a)= has a fast connection
> (b)= has a very slow connection
> Both have a directory called /debian which on day one is identical.
> The copy of /debian on (a) is synced weekly with a debian site.
> On day 30 (a)'s and (b)'s copies of /debian are quite different.
> The owner of (a) will put any files I want on a cd and mail it to me.
> I would like run rsync on (a) and reference the files on (b) and create a
> /debian-move directory on (a) that only contains the files which are in (a)'s
> /debian directory, but not on (b)'s. Is this possible with rsync?
> I have figured out the following, not very straightforward, way of doing this:
> 1. run a find on /debian on (a) to find all the directories
> 2. create the directories for /debian-move based on this information
> 3. run rsync in dry run mode
> 4. massage this data to figure what needs to be copied
> 5. copy these files

It is a reasonable way.

> Is there a better way?

I don't know if it is better but i'd use find -printf to
generate a file with only the pertenant fields and use diff
or comm to produce a change list.

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