Bad transfer

NOC (EUROFMC) noc at
Sat Oct 25 00:28:54 EST 2003

I'm using a server (named foo) there uses qmail MTA.

I.e, I've in /home directory :

drwx------ user1 bar 4096 Oct 6 00:00 user1

and, under this folder, some files with 700 rights.

When I'll request from another machine with a rsync client machine, just I 
receive the folders of user1, but empty...

My rsyncd.conf in //foo/etc :

         comment = rsync on //foo
         path = /home/
         read only = no
         list = yes
         uid = nobody
         gid = nobody
         auth users = fmc02
         secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets

and my request from the client machine :

rsync -avz--progress -r --ignore-errors --password-file=/etc/rsync-pass 
--exclude-from=/etc/rsync-exclude fmc02 at /home/

Please, help


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