Rsync Problem mith UNC paths

Mueller-Lynch Thomas thomas.mueller-lynch at
Tue Oct 21 23:26:08 EST 2003

We're using rsync 2.5.6 version 26.

Want to synch two W2K directories which are not on my machine (machine1  synchs machine2 -> machine3)

I would like to synch the 2 direcories with the following syntax:
rsync.exe -rva //remote_server1/share$/dir1/default.asp remote_server2::dir2/

When I try this it seems to work:
building file list ... 
1 file to consider
send_files failed to open //remote_server1/share$/dir1/default.asp: No such file or directory

No files have been synched!!!!

When I connect the remote drive to my machine with
Net use x: \\remote_server1\share$ <\\remote_server1\share$> 

Then use the cygdrive syntax (as follows)
rsync.exe -rva /cygdrive/x/dir1/default.asp remote_server::dir2/ 
Everything works fine!!!!

Because I run this synch as a batch job I would like to connect directly with the UNC path.

Does anyone know how to do that?

Thomas Müller-Lynch

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