files deleted on server end during transfer

luke at luke at
Mon Oct 20 23:32:13 EST 2003

Does rsync handle cases where files have been deleted off of the rsync
server side after the client starts downloading from the server? I did a
test run using two windows machines and the client puked, giving me some
kind of file protection error. What happened is the client received it's
list, starts downloading, all is well. Well, on the server side the files
were moved out (or deleted) by another process that runs on that box. When
rsync got to downloading from the directory those files were stored in I
got approximately 50 dialog boxes in windows (one for each file) with some
kind of file protection error (sorry, don't remember the exact message).
There are also some empty files on the server side that need to be
there...could these be the culprit? Are there any command line switches to
suppress these error messages? Any help would be appreciated!

  --Luke Matthews

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