--bwlimit not working right

Max Kipness mkipness at geniant.com
Fri Oct 17 23:52:29 EST 2003

> I cant get the bwlimit option working right.
> If i set this option over 400 kbyte per sec i still only get 
> 400kbyte per sec, whether wich value i set. I try this option 
> with a 100MB big file. I use a debian stable System with 
> rsync version 2.5.6cvs  protocol version 26. Can someone tell 
> me how i can this get working?

This really doesn't answer your question, but I wanted to mention that I
use CBQ on Redhat for QoS and it does a great job at limiting bandwidth
to exactly what it's set to. I believe it's included with Debian as
well. I use it on several servers to limit saturation.

I think I tried the --bwlimit option a while back and it doesn't seem to
work to well if you have many small files.


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