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Fri Oct 17 17:47:48 EST 2003

On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 01:09:03PM -0400, Jason M. Felice wrote:
> I've pondered the feedback and revised my proposal to the client.  Here
> is the revised project objectives.  Notably, this is the addition of 4),
> the deletion of the whole slew of items actually related to handling
> versioned files, and mention of preexisting work on 1).
> I've took a little gander at some of the backup wrappers, and it looks
> like I will probably use one of these.  I'll have to look a bit closer
> to see which ones best fit my needs.
> Thanks,
> -Jay 'Eraserhead' Felice
>                                Project objectives
>    The backup system project will meet the following objectives:
>     1. Implement SSL connections.
>        The modified client will use SSL for encryption of the protocol
>        stream. Existing clients can use an external shell program such as SSH
>        to provide encryption, but this is not portable and it is difficult to
>        manage.
>        An "--ssl" option will be added to the rsync program to enable this
>        feature. This option will be accepted in both client and daemon mode.
>        Patches to rsync exist which do this. They will be evaluated and
>        applied or modified as appropriate.

The patches that exist have issues with the three-way
connection.  That is the primary reason they have not been
accepted although they have tended to have problems with
key management as well.  

A better use of your developer time might be to work on
fixing the cygwin hang problem running rsync over ssh.  I
suspect that the delays in fixing this problem have been a
lack of resources committed to fixing it.  Using ssh is very
manageable and only a portability problem for legacy

>     2. Write a Windows backup service.
>     3. Write a configuration GUI for the Windows backup service.
>     4. Add a "--link-dest-type" option.
>        Currently, rsync's "--link-dest" option will hard link files against
>        an older copy in an identical directory structure when they have not
>        changed in order to save space. With this option, the user would be
>        able to specify the link destination type as either "mirror" or
>        "hash." Mirror is the default, and will behave like existing versions
>        of rsync.
>        The "hash" type will calculate a directory name based on a strong hash
>        of the file and the file's size, for example
>        "/f7/d6/22/d9e9a6d8b9e9e4f00/1ff". rsync will search this directory
>        for a file with identical contents to the one being transferred. If it
>        finds one, it will hard link the transferred file to it. If it does
>        not, it will create a new file with the next available integer
>        containing the new file and hard link it to the destination.

Cute idea.  Will be dog slow compared to a normal rsync.
You may want to sixel the hash which is 20 bytes.
--link-by-hash=dir would be a better name.

>        This will allow us to store only one copy of a file which might exist
>        in multiple places in a filesystem or even on multiple clients.

I wouldn't recommend accepting this option as part of a
proposal.  It is vaporware that even if created has no
assurance of becoming a part of the mainline codebase.
Unless accepted into mainline the customer would then have a
patched rsync that needs to be repatched every time there is
an important (read security) update to mainline and no
support from the community.

>     5. Write a restore GUI for Windows.
>     6. Create Windows installer.

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