Raw Volumes?

King, Daniel Daniel.King at Fiserv.com
Thu Oct 16 03:49:41 EST 2003

Hi, folks.

<shameless plug for rsync>
rsync has changed the way I handle mirroring tasks, and is a wonderful
compliment to EMC's timefinder product.  EMC handles their BCV mirror
splits, and rsync handles files and hierarchies on non-EMC disk.  I am quite
happy with this arrangement.  For small numbers of systems, rsync is far
simpler than NIS+/LDAP for replicating certain types of system data.
</shameless plug for rsync>

As a logical next step, I'm looking for information on synchronization of
raw volumes - as for Sybase or DB2 raw volumes.  A search on the list
archive for "raw volumes" reveals much about network and Samba-type raw
writes.  Is there a better search term or an alternative search string I
should be using in order to narrow my search?

I'd not expect that rsync would have such functionality built-in.  I'd be
delighted if I was wrong, but I don't see this type of option in the man
page, etc.

However, I'm quite certain that other list members have experienced similar

Is there such a beast as a raw data duplicator for networks?  As for Sybase
or DB2 raw volumes?

Thanks in advance.

A. Daniel King, System Analyst
HP-UX, Linux, Solaris

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