Adding support for versioned files in rsync

jw schultz jw at
Tue Oct 14 06:20:48 EST 2003

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 03:57:37PM -0400, Jason M. Felice wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 05:18:00PM +0100, Andy Henson wrote:
> > I propose a new option:
> > --comp-file=<file>
> > 
> > allowing:
> > rsync -vvtPB --comp-file=$BASE$NEW .
> > 
> Specifying this for each file would be murder for my purposes, but I
> like the concept.  I think there needs to be some sort of configurable
> logic for determining a "fallback" file when one doesn't exist.  In my
> case, it might be nice to have a "fallback directory" and if the file doesn't
> exist here, check in the fallback directory.

See --compare-dest and --link-dest.

> That doesn't help with ISO images, though.
> It would be nice if some generic method that solves all these problems
> could be devised.  In my case, I would need to figure out the
> highest-versioned file to use if the file we were syncing didn't already
> exist.  I can't think of a simple way to make that work.
> It will never help with rsync-2.5.6.tar.gz vs. rsync-2.5.5.tar.gz
> anyway, since any small change early in the stream will cause the entire
> file to be encoded differently (side affect of how compression
> algorithms work).

See the rsyncable patch for gzip which can solve this

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