writefd_unbuffered failed

rsync bert rsyncbert at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 13 15:58:25 EST 2003

    Yes, both client and server are clean...but i think i know what the problem is now. Server is using an ext3 fs, the client ext2 -- and trying to rsync a >2gb file over to the client B).
    i'll compile in ext3 support and try again. Thanks!

Jim Salter <jsalter at jrssystems.net> wrote:
> In the middle of the rsync transfer, i get the error on the client saying
> that the server unexpectedly close the connection. Upon checking the
> logs on the rsync server, i found this entry:
> Oct 10 14:39:38 linux01 rsyncd[9266]: rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to
write 4096 bytes: phase "unknown": Connection reset by peer
> Any idea what this means? The client is running rsync with
the -ar --partial --delete options.

I've gotten similar errors when I had a corrupt filesystem on the server
side. Have you fsck'ed both boxes?

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