Never up to date

Max Kipness mkipness at
Thu Oct 9 12:57:39 EST 2003

I've got a strange issue that I'm hoping someone can help out with.

Just installed 2.5.6 on a Redhat 8 system.

Was doing a simple test from one local directory to another (in the
root) with a couple of text files in the source.

Using the following command line: rsync /directory1/ /directory2/ -v
--recursive --stats

After the first sync all files are copied properly, but then every  sync
afterwards continues to show the name of the text files because of the
-v. The Stats shows a literal data of 0, so it would appear that it
recognizes the data is in sync, but why does it show the filenames? I
thought it should only show the names of the files that have changed?

Also, if I run the same command above but add the -c (checksum) option,
then it seems to work correctly. Then it does not show the names of the
files with the -v option, unless they have changed.

1. Should I have to use the -c option? 

2. And if not, any idea why it doesn't work without it?

3. I'm about to do a very large rsync from one local directory to a
local samba mount (Windows 2003). So far my tests have shown the exact
results as above with this samba share, unless I use -c. Is it a problem
to use -c with a large rsync?

I like to only see the changed files so I can parse this data for
reporting purposes.


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